Just a reminder here; they are grabbing IP adresses.
This means they can find out where you live, or easily bypass any security on your computer or device and hack you.

Please, be safe. Pass this on so others know they may intend to do something with the IPs and be careful, if you think you’re being too careful, you’re not.

It’s not too far off to say your best safety measure is even to even leave tumblr/go on hiatus until this is done with.

(Blacked out most of the IP for security reasons.)



Aren’t there supposed to moderators on 4chan or something? Either way, this is really starting to worry me.

Real talk here for a second. I work in computing professionally and it bothers me when I see these posts upsetting people, so I’d like to talk about it.

The majority of Tumblr users will have what is known as a ‘dynamic IP’, something given to them by the provider of their internet service. This is true regardless of where you are in the world. This will allow someone who has your IP address to use geolocation to find your internet service provider, but does NOT reveal your physical address or personal details. If you happen to live in the same city as your ISP and someone says “hey you live in such-and-such” and it is correct, it does NOT mean they know your actual address!

Some people make the conscious choice to have a ‘dedicated IP’, which is specifically assigned to you. This will NOT reveal your physical address or personal details either - these details are safeguarded by your internet service provider. If you do not know whether or not you have one, you probably do not. Ask the person responsible for your internet service at home or contact your internet service provider for more information about this if you’re concerned.

If you have a dedicated address (and for a limited time, it may be possible to use a dynamic address, but these change frequently), this can IN A VERY LIMITED SENSE be used to remotely probe the network you are connected to. A sophisticated and dedicated attacker MAY discover a way in but will then need to additionally find a way of accessing your computer - and your run-of-the-mill hacker is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to have the skills, software, time and dedication to do this on completely random people with little chance of securing anything of financial gain.

Let me re-iterate, someone having your IP address does NOT mean you have been compromised in some fundamental way and does NOT pose an immediate threat to you. It does in no way make it EASY for people to gain access to your computer, much less gain control of it or access any of your details stored on it.

This post is correct in advising caution, but know the facts before you decide to leave Tumblr, go on hiatus or make other decisions. Many websites on the internet are capable of collecting the IP address of their visitors for statistical purposes and it’s possible that is how these are being harvested - if they know your IP address, it does not automatically mean you are under threat.

I don’t have many followers, but I encourage who I do have to reblog this. I am also happy to take asks, anon or otherwise, to provide further information.

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