If that’s not enough to make people realize that they’re fucking idiots, how about the fact that if enough people are left unvaccinated and catch the disease they aren’t vaccinated against, the chances of the disease mutating into a new and potentially more dangerous strain are increased! And guess what??? No vaccines exist for those new super-strains! Every body would be at risk because “vaccines cause autism and my child is a special snowflake!”. Which reminds me, why would anyone rather have a dead kid than an autistic kid? People with autism can live highly functional and fulfilling lives. Dead people can’t. 

Motherfucking measles infections have skyrocketed in the US and Canada because of morons who don’t vaccinate their kids. And guess what? A lot of new doctors have never seen a measles case in their life. This means that if your kid catches measles, then they may not be able to be diagnosed in time to save their life. If your sick kid gives measles to a baby that hasn’t been vaccinated, that baby is probably not gonna live. If someone with a compromised immune system catches measles off of your super important child, they’re gonna suffer and die. 

All because you were too uneducated and arrogant to understand how your actions have consequences.

TLDR; Nothing pisses me off more than parents who think they’re more important than public health. 


One of my mother’s close friends lost an infant daughter to whooping cough. She was too young to be vaccinated and one of the older kids at her preschool was unvaccinated. The older kid brought whooping cough into the preschool and the little girl died. Do you really want the life of an infant on your hands? Vaccinate your fucking children.

On top of that, people who are on treatments like Chemo will most likely catch the disease. These people’s immune systems are so compromised that even the common cold can send them to the hospital, what do you think whooping cough will do?
Also even if vaccines did cause autism (they don’t by the way) is it really the worst possible thing? I happen to enjoy my life and have been successful in many things and I have Asperger’s aka High-functioning Autism.

I am reblogging comments like these for the sheer fact that the perspectives of those with autism and on the autism spectrum are often left out of this conversation, even by neurotypical allies.

Because, really… what ARE anti-vaxxers saying?

As amusing as this is and as much as I really want to smack anti-vaxxers and their ableism that is endangering us all, I can actually kind of understand it.

We live in a world where we’re often not given good medical care. Medical care, period, is inaccessible to some of us, driving us to snake oil and things your neighbor’s mom saw on Dr. Oz, and when we do get to see a doctor? How many of you have felt dismissed, laughed at, ignored, humiliated, confused, or like your doctor didn’t care about you or even was too stupid or incompetent to be treating you? How many of you have had some pill pushed on you without understanding why you really needed it, and googled up a host of scary side-effects? How many of you have turned to alternative medicine after being denied compassionate, respectful care? Combine this with Big Pharma which is actually a thing, a big awful capitalist thing which exploits our bodies and acts for profit rather than our best interests, and you really start to understand the gap of trust between patients and their healthcare. We feel disempowered in our own healthcare, lied to, used, disrespected, and in many cases “alternative medicine” is just some kind of desperate attempt to regain a sense of control over our bodies.

The bitter irony here is that anti-vaxxers are actually supporting that bad kind of medicine.

Basically, this all started because the discredited, no-longer-a-doctor Andrew Wakefield wanted to sell a vaccine that would make him money. He wasn’t anti-vaccine, he was pro vaccines you pay him for. But the problem was that the MMR vaccine was already popular and did the job his separate vaccines for the same thing did. No one would replace it because the MMR vaccine already in place was better. So he tried to discredit the MMR vaccine by saying it caused autism (which he’s recanted, and it’s been proved time and time again that IT DOESN’T) hoping to force scared parents into paying him money for his vaccine. This is exactly the kind of manipulative, evil, for-profit kind of medicine most alternative medicine people are trying to escape.

But once his scare story got out into the wild, people starting thinking EVERY vaccine was bad. Not only did Andrew Wakefield not make his money, but these people avoided giving their kids ANY vaccine, which is going about as well as anyone who understands how disease works would expect.

This also plays into the hands of Big Pharma even more, because Big Pharma and their for-profit motive hates vaccines. They like treatments. Not cures, not vaccines, not something you take once, but managing illness with something you have to be on for the rest of your life. That’s guaranteed, long-term profit for them. Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine as a gift to humanity, because polio is fucking awful. He didn’t patent it, he didn’t profit off it, he made it so people wouldn’t have to suffer having polio. These vaccines are from the golden age of medicine, they are the epitome of good medicine that’s there to actually help you. They do it cheaply and invisibly. An age without vaccines is an age of having to manage illnesses and their long-term consequences, something that benefits Big Pharma a lot more than a vaccine does.

Vaccinate your kids. It won’t cause autism, or harm them in any way. It could save not just your child’s life, but someone else’s. I’m sorry people don’t take the time to explain this well and respectfully and treat your fears with dignity, but it’s the right choice, and it’s so important.

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