Merida of Dunbroch, Gryffindor.

You can for sure recongnise Merida by her wild ginger mane. It’s not that difficult to find her in Hogwarts: she always tries to sneak off classes. 
But you can certainly meet her around the Quidditch field too.

She’s a lively and funny girl, proud and sarcastic, whose dream is to become a professional Chaser one day -but her Mother doesn’t approve-. 
That’s why she thinks school is pretty boring and you can easily see her sleeping or doodling, instead of keeping attention.

Her favourite subject is, beside Flying lessons, Defence Against the Dark Artswhile her less favourite one is Divination (actually since when she tried to change her fate and got in troubles).

Her wand is made by yew wood,  Kelpie hair, pretty flexible and her Patronus is a brown bear.

She really gets along well her friends, aboveall with Anna: they love spending time in the open air or nearby the Forbidden Forest. But above all, they love trying to sneak off beds at night and go in the Kitchens, looking for some chocolate or apple pies.

You can trust Merida: she’s a brave one and even if she may be mistaken, she’ll never ever leave you behind.

Elsa of Arendelle, Slytherin.

Nordic beauty Elsa is a senior prefect. She’s a very powerful witch, but it takes her a hard workout during years to become one of the most brilliant student of her age.

She’s extremly sensible and wise, very scrupolous too, always accomplish her duties. She’d like to make her magic avaiable for others, that’s the reason why she worked hard on it and it wouldn’t surprised me if i’d see her as a great leader someday.

Elsa loves Charms and lessons and she’s actually very good in all subjects, except Flying. She prefer to stay down to earth.

Her unyielding wand is is made by white fir wood, while the core is unicorn hair. Her Patronus is a swan.

She loves sto spend her spare time with her sister Anna and her friends, but she has often to scold them. Her favourite place in Hogwarst is the Black Lake: she likes to frost the water and do some ice-skating –she’s a talent for ice charms-. Anyway, if you’d like to meet her, you could probably find her hanging there or studying in the Slytherin Main Room (she doesn’t want to suffer from solitude anymore).

Elsa might seem snobbish , strict or a loner one  sometimes. But just give her the chance to let herself go and you’ll learn to love her.


 Rapunzel of Corona, Ravenclaw.

If you have already met Rapunzel, you have probably stumbled upon her long golden hair. She’s a precious girl, but she usually daydreams and doesn’t pay attention where she goes.

She’s very curius and a little naive and everybody can tell she is a true artist: she’s really able to bring colours in your life, not only on the walls. She doesn’t have made up her mind about her future, probably because she has just found out who actually she is.

Her favourite subject is Herbiology, but she loves Muggle Studies too. She’d gladly swap Defence Against the Dark Arts with them.

Rapunzel’s wand is made by hazel wood, Phoenix’s feather and it’s elastic. Her Patrunus is a dolphin.

Rapunzel has also a little green chameleon named Pascal, but everybody thinks it’s a frog. She adores the Room of Requirement, because of it’s full of stuff, but her very favourite place is the Astronomy Tower. She’s very cheerful and likes to hang out with her friends. Currently, her aim is to teach Elsa dancing.

Despite she may act in an odd way, Rapunzel’s true friend. In the darkest moments, she’ll be your light.


 Anna of Arendelle, Hufflepuff.

If you have never ever talk with Anna, you must be a muggle. She’s very lively and she doesn’t care if you are a stranger, because she loves to meet new people.

She’s an extremly funny, chatty girl and a bit clumsy too. She still doesn’t know what to do in the future: but she can tell she’ll be always beside her beloved sister Elsa and never will allow anybody to push them apart (she saw that in the Mirror of Erised).

Anna enjoys particularly Care of Magical Creatures lessons, but she’s also particularly a disaster in Potions.

Her wand is made from cherry wood, with Norwegian Ridgeback heartstring, pretty flexible, while her Patronus is a Golden Retriver.

Anna loves crowded places, so you can easily see her in the Great Hall or talking on the stairs from picture to picture, an old habit of hers. And  if not, she’s probably sneaking off with a guy because she really falls in love easily -but don’t tell her sister-.

Don’t even try to shut her out. Loyal Anna won’t ever hesitate to help you: she knows how to thaw a frozen situation.

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