In which Sherlock heals his childhood trauma of not being listened to during a murder investigation.

first of all how dare you

all of all how dare you

BUT NO what if Sherlock started off just like Archie, young and vibrant and clever who just wanted to impress his older brother and would solve the crime easily when it popped up in the newspapers. What if he used to ring the police station announcing who the killer was and when they never listened to him he became more and more desperate, more and more convinced that all policemen were idiots. What if that’s why he’s so critical about the police force now. What if that’s why he clearly likes Archie.
Moreover, what if Archie is just like Sherlock? Clearly he’s clever, he solved the case. What if he’s the future Holmes, but because Sherlock listened to him when he spoke, instead of ignoring him, he’ll follow it as a passion rather than an obsession. It won’t be about proving that he’s right, about righting wrongs that happened years ago. It will be about chasing the thrilling sensation of knowing he solved the puzzle and saved the life.
Archie is what Sherlock should have been.
And no one but Sherlock will ever realise that.

excuse me while i go rethink life and the universe

"he’s really come out of his shell"

the kid freaking hugged him i bet he’s ecstatic to find someone that not only listens to him, but understands him.

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